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Established in 2019, Skills for Jobs (SfJ) was setup to provide specialist training courses for people wishing to start or develop their career within the Security or Hospitality sectors.

We’re an approved Security Industry Authority (SIA) training provider, we are quality assured, and approved under Trident / Laser Learning Awards, Highfields Awarding Body for Compliance and QNUK, which together means the training you receive on our courses is second to none.

With a combined operational experience of over 200 years between our training team, we don’t just talk the talk! You will only receive the very best, up to date, knowledge, skills and training, ensuring you’re both properly prepared for any course exams, and for your actual role.

The operational experience of our trainers brings the content of our courses to life, providing you with real life examples and realistic scenarios that you may encounter in your role. One major advantage of using real-world experienced trainers is, they can deliver course content from the prospective and understanding of somebody who has actually done the job, rather than someone who has just read the book.

Skills for Jobs takes the responsibility of delivering appropriate and realistic training very seriously. This is evidenced through the development and approval of our own Physical Intervention training system ‘Shield PI’, quality assured by the Acedemic Awarding Body QNUK and approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for delivery as part of the Door Supervisor SIA licence linked training (Module 4 at Level 2) and at Level 3 as a Train the Trainer.

We’re pleased to boast, due to the high standards of our training, it’s recognised SfJ generally produces a higher level of candidate. As such, we work in association with a number of local and national employment agencies who recognise our expertise, and regularly frequent our courses as guests, speaking with learners regarding employment opportunities available with them. They are eager to interview anyone who has completed their training through Skills For Jobs.

Shield Physical Intervention Training

More Information About Shield Physical Intervention (SPI):

The SPI programmes have been designed, developed and are delivered by people who have operational experience in situations that frequented violence. Appropriately named ‘Shield Physical Intervention’ or ‘SPI’ for short. The purpose of the name is to signify protection (to be shielded against), violence happening to them in the work place by delivering cutting edge knowledge and skills that are both effective and quickly learnt. It also protects you (shields against) the Law, in regards to litigation, as in it properly prepares you by not only fully understand the Law relating to the use of force, medical implications, duty of care etc, but also how to articulate yourself to a court of Law – should the situation ever arise.

The Shield Physical Intervention development programmes. (3 stages with 3 hours eLearning)

Foundation Knowledge (Pre-course learning)

Provided as pre-attendance reading via our online learning platform. The content includes interpretations, legal & professional implications, reducing risk & good practice following physical interventions. Delegates are to familiarise themselves with the content of the materials, so as to be able to take and pass the (multiple choice) written examination on day one of the training programme.


Shield Physical Intervention – Foundation Programme (SPI-FP)

The SPI-FP provides all the basic knowledge & skills a Security Operative may need & conforms to the SIA’s specification for Door Supervisor Licence-linked training in Physical Intervention Skills. In addition to the SIA requirements, the SPI-FP includes a Module on Horizontal Restraint (i.e. on the floor – in line with HSE expectations).

The focus of the training in the SPI-FP is on:

Ensuring Security Operatives aware of the legal and potential medical implications surrounding use of force
Teaching low-impact, low-risk techniques
Discouraging the use of high risk restraint techniques
Showing how to reduce risk

Shield Physical Intervention – Advanced Programme (SPI-AP)

Quality assured & certificated by SfJ at level 2 equivalent, the SPI-AP builds on the learning in the SPI-FP & teaches a range of incrementally more robust & restrictive interventions & ensures a higher standard of competence & self-confidence.

The focus of the training in the SPI-AP is on:

Teaching and refreshing on the key principals, skills and knowledge of the SPI-FP
Teaching additional skills & strategies for managing, holding, controlling & calming violent Service Users
Ensuring delegates are skilled & competent to safely apply Emergency Restraint Belts (ERBs) should it become necessary
Developing delegates’ self-confidence & ability to implement the training (applying them in a variety of realistic scenarios)
The SPI-AP is quality assured & certificated by the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) at level 2 equivalent. You will also receive an SPI certificate that reflects the higher standard of competency achieved.

Note: To be eligible to attend the SPI-AP, you must have successfully achieved the standard SIA Physical Intervention qualification.


Shield Physical Intervention – Advanced Practitioner Programme (SPI-APP)

Certificated by SPI, the SPI-APP) teaches how to manage ‘high energy’ conflicts and includes drills and tactics for emergency situations.

The focus of the training in the SPI-APP is on:

Developing a state of mental and physical readiness
Learning close quarter defensive tactics and emergency restraint drills
Practising and refining the learnt skills in a variety of realistic simulation exercises
The SPI-APP is certificated by Shield PI. You will attend a number of sessions over a period of time to achieve the SPI-APP certification.

Note: To be eligible to attend the SPI-APP, you must have successfully achieved an SIA PI and SPI-AP qualification.

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