Skills for Jobs Ltd understand that ‘One Size Fit’s All’ training isn’t always suitable for everyone, sometimes it’s options and/or bespoke delivery that make the difference.

In our experience this is never more true than when organising and delivering training courses for corporate clients. So with that in mind, we’re pleased to provide the following information regarding our Corporate Training Services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any ‘specific‘ training requirements you have, and find out how we can help.

‘Off the Shelf’ delivery options: The following qualifications are all considered ‘off the shelf’, in so far as they are structured, packaged, and internally then externally quality assured by an independent body such as an Academic Awarding Body. Our professional instructors can to come to your venue to deliver ‘off the shelf’ corporate type training courses in a manner that suits your organisations specific needs.

The SIA Suite: We’ve singled out the following ‘SIA’ courses as they form the backbone of our public training course offerings, and as such, information relating to these courses can be located on this very website. Further more, many questions relating to SIA Training are answered in our FAQ’s. Should you have any other questions regarding Corporate SIA Training, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
(NOTE: The course links below are provided for information purposes only, for corporate ordering, please see ‘The Corporate Ordering Process‘ section below.)

SIA Security Guard Training (and Top-Up)

SIA Door Supervisor Training (and Top-Up)

SIA CCTV Operator Training

Close Protection Training

SIA Close Protection Training

Other Training Courses: For more information regarding any of the following Training Courses, please Contact Us.

The Corporate Ordering Process

The Process for ordering ‘Corporate Off the Shelf’ training for your staff starts with an initial (free of charge) consultation, during which we discuss your individual/staff/course training requirements. Next, we send an official quote which will include/confirm:

– method of delivery (e.g. Virtual, Online Self-led, Face to Face or blended), taking into account any mandated contact hours and/or Awarding Body requirements,
– pricing options,
– potential delivery dates,
– terms of service.

Then, on acceptance of our quote and confirmation of the delivery dates, we’re required to register your training venue with one of our academic Awarding Bodies for the purpose of training and examinations. We’ll ask a number of questions regarding the venue (e.g. size of room, floor plan, photos etc.). We then apply for the approval and once granted, we’ll confirm dates and course(s). You will be provided with any and all joining instruction materials to provide to your staff, this ensures they can suitably prepare themselves for their course (e.g. timings, dress code, trainer and content overview, links to access pre-course and/or aid-memoir materials etc.).

Post course, you will be notified within 7 to 10 working days of results, and will be provided with official qualification certification from any relevant Academic Awarding Body and attendee course evaluation forms for your records. To place an order, or to discuss your training needs further, please Contact Us.

Tailored corporate solutions:

Off the shelf’ not for you? No problem! Our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts are also able to provide you with a tailored service. Tailored training created (and delivered) will have more of a positive impact on the people who attend, namely because the training has been developed specifically with them in mind.

This process starts with an initial (free of charge) training needs analysis (TNA)/consultation to discuss your individual/staff training requirements (e.g. what motivated you to seek this particular training in the first place). Next, we will be send an official quote which will include:

– suggested delivery subjects (e.g. H&S Law, Company internal policies and procedures, pre-during-post incident management etc),
– method of delivery (e.g. Virtual, Online Self-led, Face to Face or blended) and course timings,
– information required by us to proceed with the development (e.g. could include incident reports, old CCTV footage, staff reports etc),
– assessment process (e.g. Level 2 Equivalent Certificate of attendance (no assessment) or of achievement (assessment),
– pricing options,
– potential delivery dates,
– terms of service.

On acceptance of our quote and confirmation of the delivery dates, you will be provided with any and all joining instruction materials to provide to your staff. This ensures they can suitably prepare themselves for their course (e.g. timings, dress code, trainer and content overview, links to access pre-course and/or aid-memoir materials etc).

Post course, (if assessment takes place), you will be notified within 3 to 5 working days of results. You will also be provided with in-house, co-branded e-certifications, daily register of attendances and attendee course evaluation forms.

Following any tailored delivery, (with your permission), we will follow up with a month post course evaluation which draws from the staff what training they have put into practice, their confidence at performing certain activities or when dealing with certain incidents, what further training do they feel they need (if any). Once this information has been collected, it will be provided to you with any recommendations if necessary.

Back to work Schemes – Corporate:

Skills for Jobs Ltd is already a preferred supplier to various government funded providers who offer ‘back to work’ type schemes for their clients. These are often referred to as ‘Welfare to Work’ or ‘Sector Based Work Academies’ schemes.
If you are in receipt of government funding and are tasked with helping people back into employment, please get in touch and we can offer you a number of tried and tested solutions to help you achieve this. The areas we have specialised knowledge and employment opportunities within the Security, Hospitality and Health & Social Care sector. Although due to the diversity of courses we provide, we can also assist learners in other customer facing roles such as front of house and basic customer service.

This services includes an initial consultation of requirements where we discuss the sector, suitable qualifications, and skills gaps to enable us to (collectively) decide on what is best suited to a particular project or learning group.

Individual bookings (SIA ONLY):

If you just have one or a few people to attend which wouldn’t warrant a corporate delivery and are local to Bournemouth, you can slot them onto a public paying course that we run monthly in Bournemouth. To register learners it’s the simple case of providing learners personal details together with a purchase order confirmation, we then take it from there. We will contact directly with the learner(s) and copy their advisor into all correspondence for your records and to provide any additional assistance or support if required.

Group booking:

If you have a group of learners ready to take the training, we can combine a course schedule that includes just the relevant modules / qualifications they require to become qualified and or licenced to perform an employed role.
As it’s a group booking, the training can be as flexible as required and could take place either consecutively or spread over a period of up to four to six weeks of two days a week at a venue of your choice, provided the venue meets the requirements of the course.
Training methods can also be amended/created based on the requirements of the group. E.g. some people find IT difficult so this element can be removed, some people struggle with long days, so we can shorten the training days etc.

When delivering a full corporate group programme, to ensure maximum retention, we usually start off with running one or two ‘Insight’ sessions. This is where the learners get to understand the full process from start to finish of the programme in order that they can make an educated decision of whether this course is right for their individual needs. This helps remove the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and ensures maximum retention, results and success rates.

Due to our local connections with employers, towards the end of the programme we can also arrange for an ‘interview in principle’ to take place with different employers. These serve as a confidence building exercise for the learners and link them with potential employment on programme completion. Post programme we can also offer guidance and assistance to learners and advisors regarding assisting trained and qualified learners find sustainable employment and off benefits.

Contact Us

Contact Us:

To discuss any of the information above further, or to find out if we can help you with your Corporate training needs, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.