Top-Up Training Requirements as of March 2024

Door Supervisor and Security Officer
No, you don’t have to take Top-Up training every 3 years to renew your Door Supervisor or Security Officer licence at present (Mar24).
So if you took your original training after April 2021, when it comes time to renew your SIA Licence, at present (Mar24), the only thing you will need to renew / keep up-to-date is your First Aid Qualification.

At present, the SIA do not have a checking mechanism in place to check / authenticate First Aid Qualifications so if you decide not to renew your First Aid, you still (physically) will be able to work, but you will be operating illegally. A simple example is driving your car without insurance, e.g you can drive a car without insurance, it’s illegal but nobody will know unless you are checked or have an accident.

So with that said, its likely that (if not already required), you will be required to provide your valid First Aid Qualification to your employer, whose responsibility it is to ensure that the staff they employ and deploy are both SIA Licenced (up-to-date) and First Aid Qualified (up-to-date).

You ‘should’ also ensure you keep yourself up-to-date on physical intervention in case you find yourself in court. You can do this by simply ensuring you visit the aid-memoir of the PI skills and knowledge you were provided with by your training provider when you took your Top-Up and ensure you attend any PI refresher training you are provided with by your employer. BUT this is NOT (at present), an SIA requirement.

You should also keep yourself ‘up-to-date’ with Counter Terror Training. You can do this by re-taking the ACT Counter Terror Modules (i.e. ACT Awareness and ACT Security) on an annual basis to ensure your knowledge is current.

CCTV Operator
No, there is (at present) no requirement for CCTV Operators to take any Top-Up training to renew their CCTV licence. There is also no requirement for CCTV Operators to take or maintain a First Aid Qualification.

This information is correct as of the present time (i.e. March 2024). If you are reading this a long period after March 2024 i.e. this information has not been updated in some time, please feel free to contact us to get the most up-to-date information.