English Language Requirement

It is a requirement of the SIA, Ofqual and SIA training Awarding Organisations that learners who take the course have a basic knowledge of the English language which includes the ability to read, write and communicate effectively in English.

It is ‘very’ important that you are able to read, write and communicate effectively in the English language for the following reasons:

1. All assessments are conducted in the medium of English.

2. As part of the course requirements, on day 1 of the course you are required to complete a (pass/fail) hand written incident report based on an example situation provided by your course tutor that must include the following: – The author of the report (I am) – The date of the report (on) – Where the incident happened (at) – The time of the incident (time it happened) – What you saw/did (I was/I saw/ I did)Signature of the report author.

Here is an example of a completed report in order that you can confirm to yourself that you have the ability to complete it. A template will be provided to you by your course tutor and a full brief and support will be provided during your course.

Statement of: James Milton Occupation: Security Officer Employer: Craggs Ltd Incident Date and Time: 5th November 2020, 19:00 Incident location: Main exit

Statement and report body: I am James Milton. I am employed as a Security Officer by Craggs Ltd.

At Craggs Ltd, in Boothville, Lancashire LA4 2HU  on 5th November 2020, about 18:30 hours, I started my night shift, as part of my duties I was tasked with searching the staff leaving the site at 19:00 hours. All searching is done randomly and with a wand to identify unauthorised items.

At 19:00, I started doing the searches, on the 4th person I searched the wand beeped as I passed over the person’s wrist. As I have been on site for three months I can identify this person as Davey Jones.

I asked Mr Jones to pull up his sleeve to check what had activated the wand. Mr Jones refused this request. I reminded him of the company search policy and again asked him to pull up his sleeve. As he pulled up the sleeve, I saw that he was wearing a watch that was not company issue and appeared to be new. I did continue the search, but did not identify anything else, I then asked him to sign the search register, which he did. I noted on the register what had been found.

I asked Mr Jones to step into the security office, whilst I contacted his supervisor Mr Taylor. At 19:15 Mr Taylor arrived and I gave him a full brief as to what happened. Mr Taylor explained that the watch would be retained and he then suspended Mr Jones pending an investigation and I escorted Mr Jones from site as instructed.

A full entry was made in the Daily Occurrence book and I have produced this statement as requested by Mr Taylor.”

Date: 05/11/20 Signature: James Milton

3. As part of the videoed practical assessments, you must demonstrate your ability to verbally communicate in English.

You are required to complete (and pass) a basic English test on the first day of your course.

To help prepare you for the basic English test (or to put your mind at rest), please see the sample English assessment (below). This is not the actual test and does ‘NOT’ need to be completed, but it is similar. The purpose of the example is for you to confirm your ability to be able to complete a similar test on the first day of the course.