SIA Top-Up Course FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

SIA Top-Up Course FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)2022-06-17T04:58:31+01:00

This page presents some of the more frequently asked questions we encounter from potential students, training candidates, etc. interested in attending our:

SIA Door Supervisor (Top-Up) Courses OR SIA Security Guarding (Top-Up) Courses

SIA Top-Up Course Questions

Do I have to do a Top-Up every 3 years?2023-01-13T13:37:54+01:00
No, you don’t have to take Top-Up training every 3 years to renew your DS licence.
You ‘should’ renew your First Aid every 3 years, but at present (and for the foreseeable future), the SIA don’t have a checking mechanism in place so if you decide not to renew your First Aid, it will be kind of like driving your car without insurance, e.g you can drive a car without insurance, it’s illegal but nobody will know unless you are checked or have an accident.
You ‘should’ also ensure you keep yourself up-to-date on physical intervention in case you find yourself in court. You can do this by simply ensuring you visit the aid-memoir of the PI skills and knowledge you were provided with by your training provider when you took your Top-Up and ensure you attend any PI refresher training you are provided with by your employer. BUT this is NOT an SIA requirement.
The SIA review every 5 years and due to the changes this time around, I can’t (in my opinion) envisage any extra additional (mandatory) Top-Up training until (at least), circa 2030.
Overview of the SIA Top-Up requirements2022-11-22T12:15:22+01:00

Door Supervisor and Security Guard (now known as Security Officer) Top-Up courses.

Everybody who took their original SIA training before 1st April 2021 will need to take a ‘Top-Up’ course before they renew their licence. This is provided they either have an active SIA DS or SO licence, or are within the 3 year renewal period after the licence has expired. For those who’s licence expired more than 3 years ago, they can’t do the Top-Up course and will need to start again (I.e. full course).

Both courses have a pre-requisite of having to have a current First Aid qual (such as the EFAW, or equivalent or above) with (a minimum of) 12 months validity remaining from the start date of your course enrolment.

We run the First Aid course as part of the DS Top-Up training course. To book the First Aid ad on, simply book the DS Top-Up and add the First Aid on the booking confirmation page.

Both courses also require you to take (and pass) a basic English Assessment which includes reading, writing and ‘face to face’ communication – Yes, I am aware that you already hold a badge – but as malpractice within the SIA training sector has historically been fairly common, this is an extra (insisted) check to ensure people have (at least) a reasonable grasp of the English Language.

DS’s have 2 options when it comes to renewing:

Option 1: Take the DS Top-Up that consists of 2 days classroom + some pre-course ‘self-study’.

*Option 2: Switch roles to a SO licence by taking the SO Top-Up training that consists of completing online learning then either attending a classroom to take your exams or by doing them online by proctored exams.

*Door Supervision Licence Holders that switch to a Security Guarding licence in this way will no longer be able to lawfully perform the activities covered by a Door Supervision licence.

Door Supervision Licence Holders who have obtained a Security Guarding licence through licence switching will not be able to get a Door Supervision licence again without further training. If it is more than three years since a Door Supervision licence was held, then the licence holder must obtain a new Door Supervision qualification. If it is less than three years since a Door Supervision licence was held, then the relevant topup training to any valid Door Supervision qualification must be obtained.

Course content and assessment (DS – Top-Up)
Both options include the completion of Counter Terror training. The SIA have permitted training providers to either deliver the CT modules ‘face to face’ or by completion of both ACT modules. Therefore, in order to keep costs and contact hours down, many training providers (including us) will opt for the SIA ACT modules as pre-course. And TBH, these modules are probably better being done via the ACT Modules as they are actually pretty good / interesting.

We will provide you with a direct code within your course joining instructions (i.e. as part of the pre-course study).

If you want access to these modules now (independently):

Both of the Counter Terror Modules are available free of charge. All you need to do to get an access code is email the SIA at:

If you decide to do it yourself (independently), then when you book your Top-Up training, you will not need to re-complete these units.

DS Top-Up (Content & Assessment):
The focus of the DS Top-Up is:
‘use of equipment’ (how to use clickers, radios, PPE, BWC’s ect), ‘Counter Terror’ (the 2 x ACT modules) a micro unit on global incidents and Physical intervention.

Assessments are:
5 MCQ exam (10 min)
on use of equipment + a 5 min video assessment of using a radio properly. The vid must show you using professional etiquette, call-signs, pro-words, NATO Alphabet and correct pronunciation of numbers etc.

10 MCQ exam (20 min) on Counter Terror.

30 MCQ exam (45 min) on PI, a videoed Q&A session around the risks of PI and a 15 min video assessment of you demonstrating all of the PI Skills.


SO Top-Up (Content & Assessment):
The focus of the SO is:
‘Minimising personal risk’ (this unit is made up of 12 assessment criteria so covers everything from personal responsibilities to usage of PPE, BWC’s, what to do in PI situation, conflict management to reflecting on incidents) (so a capture all basically), and the same micro unit on global incidents and the same ‘Counter Terror’ (the 2 x ACT modules)

Assessments are:
16 MCQ exam (25 min) on ‘Minimising personal risk’.

10 MCQ exam (20 min) on Counter Terror.

The cost of renewing the SIA Licence is the same as for new applicants which is £190.

For those who have more than 1 licence, the second licence is £95 (e.g. for those who have other current SIA licences such as SG and or CCTV).

SIA Course Pre-Booking Questions (applicable to most SIA courses)

I booked a place online but have not received any confirmation, what do I do?2022-06-17T04:32:53+01:00

If you booked online without any obvious errors, it is likely your email confirmation has become stuck in spam or junk mail filters along the way. To start with, please check your junk mail folders for the email.

If you do not find the email, please contact us and we will look into your booking and arrange for another copy of your booking confirmation to be sent.

Are your Security related courses approved by the SIA?2022-06-17T04:33:31+01:00

Yes, all of the SIA related courses delivered by Skills for Jobs Ltd are approved and recognised by the Security Industry Authority. We are also listed on the SIA website as an approved training provider.

Am I covered if my course is cancelled?2022-06-17T04:34:05+01:00

In the unlikely event of your course being cancelled, you will be offered a full refund.

Can you, or do you, apply for my SIA Licence on my behalf?2022-06-17T04:34:37+01:00

No, we DO NOT apply for your SIA license on your behalf, however, we will provide as much guidance and advice as is required to make your application process as easy and smooth as possible. More information about applying for your licence can be found on the SIA’s website, see:

If I fail my course, what do I do?2022-06-17T04:35:13+01:00

If you do in fact fail your course or any module/exam within it, you will be notified and given the option to retake the failed module at a later date.

Can I use my SIA Licence abroad?2022-06-17T04:35:44+01:00

An SIA license is only valid in the UK, you will not be able to use your SIA license for work in any other country.

I have a complaint about my training, what can I do?2022-06-17T04:36:20+01:00

In the 1st Instance, please contact us to discuss the nature of your complaint. We adhere to a number of policies both internally and through external agencies responsible for governing our working practices.

We treat all complaints in the strictest of confidence, so please rest assured, your complaint will be dealt with professionally and respectfully.

Why don’t you offer stand alone SIA Security Guard Training for NEW Licence applicants?2022-10-09T23:54:32+01:00

Sorry for any inconvenience, but Skills for Jobs Ltd no longer provides public SIA Security Guard License only training. WHY?

Allow us to explain the licence integration benefits of the alternative ‘SIA Door Supervisor License’.

If you initially wanted to book for a Security Guarding (only) course, we would highly recommend you instead consider attending a Skills for Jobs Door Supervisor training course. Even if you never intend to work as a Door Supervisor (in the traditional sense of working on nightclub doors), the Door Supervisor Qualification and Licence allows you to perform multiple roles, whereas the Security Guarding (only) Qualification and Licence does not. With the SIA Door Supervisor Qualification and Licence you can perform all Security Guarding roles, but, in addition, the Door Supervisor licence also allows you to work at licensed premises (e.g. Hotels, Holiday Parks, Casino’s, events etc.). This clearly provides you with a much better cost/training return and outcome on your investment when it comes to your future employment prospects. Ask yourself who you would employ: Someone who can perform limited security roles in the work environment? Or someone who can perform multiple roles in the same environment?

The licence integration benefits explained above are the ‘main’ reasons Skills for Jobs Ltd do not often run a specific publicly available SIA Security Guarding course (for corporate Security Guard training only enquiries please contact us). For members of the public, if you have ANY concerns regarding booking a Door Supervisor training course instead of a Security Guard only course, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can read more about the Door Supervisor course content and what to expect etc. on any of our currently scheduled SIA Door Supervisor License Courses.


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