Maximising Your Employment Opportunities:

Unique to the Skills for Jobs, ClosePro and ShieldPI collaboration, you have the option to  further develop and optimise your employment possibilities and personal development by including our selected optional course ‘bolt-on’ modules.

ShieldPI-CPO Combatives (15 hours – 3 distance and 12 ‘face to face’ tuition)

To enter the CP industry without having the ability to protect yourself or others is no different to a police officer patrolling the streets with no self-defence or restraint training. It is taken as an expectation / pre-requisite from anybody who hires a CPO – that the CPO has the ability to protect them ‘physically’, should the situation arise.

We offer our stage 1 CP self-defence/combat module designed specifically for CPO’s attending our course (ShieldPI-CPO). This additional module introduces methods that can be used when defending a principal whilst under physical attack.

You will also be refreshed regarding the law on the use of force, as in todays’ society, (an age of CCTV cameras and video phones), it is vitally important that you think before you act and apply only the minimum amount of force needed to achieve your legal objective.

In collaboration with the ClosePro team, this module was designed by Rob Knowles (ShieldPI), one of the UK’s leading trainers of Physical Intervention and a leading specialist in the training of SIA courses.

Included in cost:

  • ✔ Associated eLearning of the theory module with mentored support
  • ✔ Course administration
  • Assessment and certification fees.