Maximising Your Employment Opportunities:

Unique to the Skills for Jobs, ClosePro and ShieldPI collaboration, you have the option to  further develop and optimise your employment possibilities and personal development by including our selected optional course ‘bolt-on’ modules.

The SIA Approved Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (18 Hours)
This qualification (or equivilent) is Compulsory for SIA CP Applicants

The purpose of this qualification is for learners to attain knowledge and practical competences required to deal with a range of first aid situations. This includes management of illness injuries and emergencies that could occur within your workplace. It has been designed to enable you to deal with all types of eventualities. This module has been carfully embedded within the main Close Protection Course and we cover the required hours within the same 14 days.

Included in cost:

  • ✔ Course administration
  • ✔ Training materials
  • ✔ Stationary
  • ✔ Assessment and certification fees.